Seas of Thassa

Gor Reborn!

Seas of Thassa is a 64 sim grid for Gorean Rolplay. Become a citizen of Darkport City (roleplay only no raids), a slave, island homesteader,  or join one of the feuding pirate clans and sail the great seas of Thassa.

We provide access to a huge range of content, avatars, skins, Gorean clothing and more. We also offer free housing and support acquiring content - and there is an enormous amount in Open Sim.

Seas of thassa

gor reborn ...

How to get there :- its very simple, we have pre=prepared avatrs to log into. Then if you like what you see contact us to set up YOUR UNIQUE avatar. Follow these instructions to log into Seas of Thassa:- 

The Story

Finally, the impasse between the Priest Kings and the Kurrii is broken. The agents of the Steelworlds on Gor finally smuggled a weapon of great destruction into the Sardar Hive and the Priest Kings are no more.

A new order now exists.
The agents of the Kurrii and new allies now wage war on those who worshipped the Priest Kings, Ar has fallen, the great cities of Ar are destroyed – chaos reigns. War rages across the civilized world.

New technology has emerged, weapons, machines once hidden from the eyes of the Bugs have now emerged. You will notice this tech beginning to emerge in many forms.

The Kurri have handed power to their supporters and turned their attention on Earth/ Gor has become a place of war and fear, run by Kur Halflings and petty Warlords.

The islands of the Seas of Thassa are relatively unscathed, but a place of refugees and those fleeing the old Gor. The Seas are ruled by the Black Bosk Pirates of Darkport, a powerful group who rule the Seas, trading, taxing or taking what they need from the inhabitants of the many islands. Darkport is the centre of the world, and a first port of call for visitors and traders*

Pirates are divided into three pirate factions, each with its own base.

Darkport is a neutral trade zone with no raiding and no force collars.

Shark Pirates (blue) inhabit the fishing islands far to the north west.

Fire Pirates (gold) inhabit a fortress to the South West

Iron Port pirates have a castle in the Islands close to Darkport.

The three last pirate faction have no restriction on them to raid one another or any other settlements, other than the neutral trading city of Darkport


The sim is built for role play, there is no wholesale warfare as populations are too small and server cant cope. There is an existing storyline that have been played out in Sl Gor for over 10 years.

To participate you need to develop a character of your own or take up a position in Darkport or any of the pirate factions, Initially we will be populating Darkport with the usual castes. Seek out Darkness Papp in world for details.

Goods are in demand in the Marker Square at Darkport, these can be found via quests or scavenging, many based on SF items, but not all.

There is also scope for minor farms on islands incorporating Satyr Farms system.

One major trading item are medical supplies, in particular immortality shots (serum) – found in Seas of Thassa in the form of Blue Vials in chests. Many where lost by refugees fleeing mainland Gor in ships wrecked on reefs.

Rules – it’s still Gorean culture – keep to that.

More exhaustive stuff to come. But for now explore and role play

NPCs - click on any NPCs you come across, some will have messages, information and clues to quests.

Once such quest is the Search fo the Golden Orb, a piece of advanced Priest King technology lost in the area - the Admiral of Darkport will pay a handsome reward for its safe delivery to him.

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