How to get there


VISIT US! You will need to use a special Viewer (*not one you use for SL) - the recommended one is  FIRESTORM VIEWER for OPEN SIM.

Download this viewer and open it - then do the following: Download the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version to use with OpenSim. This depends on if your PC/Laptop is 32bit or 62bit
1. Go to Viewer, then click on Preferences at the top of the page. Then scroll down to Open Sim tab - click
2. Go to Grid Manager and open in the browser window.
3. Find ADD GRID on the list
4. At the top of the page you will find - Add Grid Box.

Cut and paste this into the empty box at the top of the browser, hit APPLY

The viewer should populate the lower part of the pages with Grid information for you. Hit OK and then you can go to the login page. The browser should then show a picture of SHIRELANDS.

You can now CREATE USER (bottom right of Viewer in orange text) Choose you own name and password. 

You should rez at our FREE mall with a large range of FREE quality meshes. clothing, avatars and more to create your avatar here.

At the Mall and Hub you can click on the Lupe's Magic forest Logo to travel there - same applies to any other signs. You can travel to Middle Earth sims (my Darkness Papp) Seas of Thassa, a huge Gorean sim, but used for sailing mostly - enjoy More Info?

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